Gorgias - Connect to Source Medium

Gorgias - Connect to Source Medium

Follow this integration guide to connect your Gorgias data to Source Medium.


  • Admin Access to your Gorgias account to be able to copy and share your Gorgias API keys


Check Gorgias app status by logging in through Shopify on an account with Admin Access

  1. If you receive the error message below, follow the steps to reinstall the app
  2. image

Grant permissions to integrations@sourcemedium.com

  1. Navigate to Settings using the three dots at the top left hand side of the page

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  1. Navigate to the API Keys section of your Klaviyo account to create an API key for Source Medium
    1. Log into your Klaviyo account
    2. Click the user menu (top right corner of the page), then click Account
    3. image
    4. On the Account page, click Settings > API Keys
    5. image
  2. Create and label your API key for Source Medium
    1. On the API Keys page, click the Create API Key button to create an API key
    2. In the Label column, click the pencil icon next to the API key you just created
    3. Enter Source Medium integration as the label for the API key
    4. Save your API key
    5. image
  3. Email the API key to integrations@sourcemedium.com, along with the name for a single list / dynamic segment that contains all of your leads within Klaviyo

Additional resources

Questions? Reach out on Slack or support@sourcemedium.com