How to navigate your Source Medium dashboard

How to navigate your Source Medium dashboard 🗺️


Here are some of the basic features that allow your team to quickly navigate your data within Source Medium:


This example 👆 demonstrates setting the date range filter to YTD, selecting multiple channels, setting a chart’s date granularity to ‘month’, changing optional metrics, exporting chart data, and resetting filters. Here’s some more info on each:

Report Documentation Key - located in the top left of each module

Key definitions and documentation pertaining to each module.

Date Range Filter - located in the top right of each module and allows you to toggle between any dates since the start of your commerce and marketing platforms ingested data history
  • On most pages, this filter applies to every chart on that specific dashboard page and the default range is 28 days
  • Updating a date filter on a specific dashboard page will not automatically change the date ranges of the other dashboard pages
  • By default, the current day is not included and we suggest not to use the current day in your analysis as your dashboards are refreshed each day with the prior day’s data
Row Up/Down Icons - the up and down arrows that can be found on many tables and charts help to change the grouping time frame of reference (day ↔ week ↔ month ↔ year) or hierarchy of data (Source/Medium ↔ Campaign ↔ Landing Page)
  • This can be especially useful when looking to ‘zoom out’ to identify high level trends within general areas of your business, and then ‘drilling down’ into specific areas of focus once these trends are identified
Chart at the
Chart at the day level
Same chart after clicking
Same chart after clicking Drill up arrow (weekly granularity)
Channel Selector - located in the top right of each module and allows you to toggle between your various commerce and marketing channels

This defaults to Online DTC (where we have out-of-the-box data cleaning logic to separate Draft and Exchanged orders).

Otherwise, this is where your other channels (Amazon, Wholesale, Retail) live.

These can be selected independently or in combination to view different slices of your business.

Brand ID Selector - located in the top right of each module

If you have multiple online store instances integrated with Source Medium the Brand ID selector will allow you to select different combinations at once.

Optional metrics - available on selected charts


Some charts allow you to change the metrics displayed.

These choices can be customized with any metrics available in the module by reaching out to the Source Medium team.

Resetting filters - located in the toggle menu bar at the top of each module

This button clears all filters currently selected in the module to their defaults — this is especially helpful when performing complex analyses in the deep dive modules that contain many filters.

Saving filter settings

To return to a frequently used analysis you can save all filter settings on any module by bookmarking the page in your browser.

Exporting data

First, make sure the date range selector for the module is properly set.

Select the three dots on the chart that you want to export.

Select ‘Export’

Name the export, and select the export format.