Level 1 Data Checklist

✅ Level 1 Data Checklist

Tips and tricks to improve your data setup and use of Source Medium.


An advantage of working with Source Medium is that we want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your data and our product. Over the next several weeks we’ll be providing your team with a series of Data Checklists that include recommended best practices to enhance your data setup and supercharge your insights.

Level 1️⃣ : Building the foundation with Source Medium

Source Medium Setup 🦾

🧩 Connect all automated integrations — Get the most complete picture of your business

💲Input custom costs into the configuration sheet — Track influencer, sponsorship, and other non-integrated marketing spend and performance

🤔 Fill out the Top 3 analytical questions — Let us know how we can guide you

💭 Check out our most common analyses — Under construction, but our CSAs can always walk you through any of these analytical questions

Data Cleaning 🧹

0️⃣ Remove $0 orders feature — Improve the accuracy of your acquisition metrics

📊 Separate sales into sub-channels — Group orders for quick custom analyses

Education 📚

🥶 Source Medium Cold Start Guide — a primer on the ins and outs of using Source Medium

What’s next?

Stay tuned for more checklists, and get ready to unlock the power of your data 🔐

  • Level 2: Advanced use cases with Source Medium (including insights and enablement)
  • Level 3: Deep dive customer, order, and product level analysis