Welcome to Your Source Medium Trial

Follow this resource guide to learn more about Source Medium.

1. Inviting team members to access Source Medium

  • Invite team members to access Source Medium anytime using the Access Group link found in your shared slack channel > pinned threads section 
    1. image
    2. If you have not setup a shared slack channel, please email support@sourcemedium.com to recieve instructions for your Access Group link
  • Anyone added to this group will be able to view your Source Medium dashboards, so we recommend monitoring who you add
  • Anyone with Manager status in the group can provision access
  • If you receive an error message when directly adding someone to the group, see here to help troubleshoot

2. Navigating your Source Medium reports

The below provides a brief overview of some of the basic features that allow your team to quickly navigate your data within Source Medium:

  • Date Range Filter - located on in the top right of each dashboard page and allows you to toggle between any dates since the start of your eCommerce and marketing platforms ingested data history
    1. image
    2. On most pages, this filter applies to every chart on that specific dashboard page and the range default is 28 days
    3. Updating a date filter on a specific dashboard page will not automatically change the date ranges of the other dashboard pages
    4. By default the current day is not included, and we suggest not to use the current day in your analysis as your dashboards are refreshed each day with the prior day’s data
  • Row Up/Down icons - The up and down arrows that can be found on many tables and charts help to change the grouping time frame of reference (day ↔ week ↔ month ↔ year) or hierarchy of data (Source/Medium ↔ Campaign ↔ Landing Page)
    • This can be especially useful when looking to ‘zoom out’ to identify high level trends within general areas of your business, and then ‘drilling down’ into specific areas of focus once these trends are identified
    • Chart at the
      Chart at the day level
      Same chart after clicking
      Same chart after clicking Drill up... arrow (week level)

3. Set up your Source Medium deep dive session

  • As part of your trial, we will schedule one deep dive session in which will review how to best leverage Source Medium by uncovering analytical insights from your own business
  • While your trial is still active you can use the scheduling link below to set up a time to speak to our team

4. Source Medium documentation

  • Here is a link to Source Medium’s report documentation which contains:
    • A list of our reports found on Source Medium’s core dashboard and the data sources in which these reports pull from
    • Review the list of of definitions of various metrics used by Source Medium by data source
    • We are constantly updating this documentation, so if you can't find a definition you're looking for reach out in Slack and we can send you the appropriate definition

5. Contact the Source Medium team