Dashboard Quick Start Guide

Discover the metrics, functionality, and common analytical insights of each section of the dashboard.


Executive Summary

The Executive Summary module helps you to understand the health of your business at a glance. With over 100+ out-out-the-box metrics, this page can be used for high-level reporting or as a jumping-off point to other detailed pages in the dashboard.


What concepts are unique to this module?

  • All of your sales and marketing data from your main eCommerce platforms (e.g. Shopify, Recharge, Facebook, Google) is available to be surfaced on this page
    • As a Source Medium customer, the metrics shown on this page can be rearranged and customized with your own unique set of definitions
    • Timelines and summary scorecards can be added to the top of the page (Standard and Enterprise plans):
    • image

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Executive Summary
Scott Ellis
Scott Ellis
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Executive Summary
Scott Ellis
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Executive Summary
Scott Ellis
YoY Performance

The YoY Performance module allows for a performance snapshot of how your business is trending relative to the prior year on key revenue and performance marketing metrics.

Marketing & Acquisition

Marketing Overview

The Marketing Overview module consolidates and segments summary metrics (spend, revenue, conversions, CPCs, CPAs, ROAS) as reported from your linked performance marketing platforms, including those inputted directly from your configuration sheet. This module can be filtered by specific platforms, and Source Medium automatically segregates your campaigns between brand, prospecting, and retargeting (which can be further refined during our onboarding process).

Facebook / Google Ads

The Facebook and Google Ads modules are focused views from what is reported on the Marketing Overview module. These module can be further filtered by campaign names and types (and Source Medium can further understand and refine your primary campaign naming conventions during our onboarding process).


The Emails - General module surfaces metrics ranging from email capture, open and unsubscribe rates, to how many emails customers receive before placing their latest order as reported by your email service provider (ESP).

The Emails - Conversions module pulls from your last click UTM data to help understand the emails that driving revenue. This module can be further filtered by specific campaigns or flows (and Source Medium can further understand and refine which emails are considered campaigns or flows during our onboarding process).

Sponsorships & Influencers

Traffic (GA)

SEO - Google Search Console

Retention & LTV


Lifetime Value (LTV)

Subscriptions Only

Repurchase Analysis

Customer Deep Dives

New Customers

Last Order Analysis

Orders & Products Deep Dives

Orders Deep Dive

Product Performance

Product Affinity



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