SourceMedium Expert Network

Follow this resource guide to learn more about SourceMedium Expert Network.

In this overview, you’ll be able to learn more details about the expert network program with SourceMedium.

1. Expert network introduction

SourceMedium’s mission is to transform decision-making in consumer-driven businesses. In order to achieve this goal, we’ve built a best-in-class data operating system that ensures that customers can access accurate and reliable data at a fraction of the cost and time to activation if they were to build it themselves. However, in order to support customers in taking full advantage of SourceMedium, we’ve employed a group of experts who are intimately familiar with our product offering. These experts are composed of current customers to outside growth agencies and consultants who have been specifically trained to help with adoption and activation.

2. How am I paired with my expert?

Experts are chosen by availability and perceived fit based on the needs of a specific customer, ranging from technical to more growth-oriented specialists. All of our experts are equipped an adoption checklist that includes basic steps for implementation and adoption through advanced activation use cases. The expert will be introduced during the first week of onboarding after the paid POC period.

3. What does the engagement look like with my expert?

The following expectations have been set for the expert during the paid POC period.

  • The Expert will schedule a 1-hour activation call with the customer within the first 10 days of signing the paid contract.
  • The Expert will be available in the shared customer slack channel and will respond to customer questions, acting as a facilitator to the SourceMedium customer solutions team.
  • The Expert will ensure the customer is progressing through the adoption checklist provided by the SourceMedium team during the POC period.
  • The Customer will have open access to message the expert on any questions related to activation within the SourceMedium product.
  • The Expert may make recommendations on best practices for product adoption and/or recommendations on strategies employed through their own day-to-day growth experience.
  • The Customer is expected to engage with the expert on a weekly basis to ensure all questions are being answered and the expert is keeping them on track to complete all adoption milestones per the prompts of the New Customer Journey messages being sent by the CSA team.

4. What will not expert not be expected to support?

The following services are considered out-of-scope for the Expert Network.

  • Data/analysis support outside of SourceMedium (e.g. through customer spreadsheets/internally managed tools).
  • Weekly/Monthly insight reports leveraging the SourceMedium product.
  • Scoping of additional visualizations within SourceMedium (although customers may leverage experts for recommendations).

5. How does my expert get paid?

All charges for the Expert are included in your monthly subscription fee. The charge will be added to your normal monthly subscription price and added into your monthly invoice as an additional product. Initial engagements with the Expert last 90 days, at which time you have the option to renew on a month to month basis. The SourceMedium team will notify you 7 days before the end of the initial period at which time you can opt out the end of the original 90 day engagement, or continue for additional months.

Questions? Reach out on Slack or help@sourcemedium.com