Marketing Overview


Data Sources:

  • All of your directly integrated marketing platforms, manually inputted marketing costs, and influencer cost/performance from the Configuration Sheet.

More on manually inputting marketing costs

More on Influencer cost/performance

More on the configuration sheet

Schema Notes:

  • Performance and attribution are as reported by the respective marketing platform with the exception of Facebook where we default to 7 day click
  • More on attribution windows

  • Conversions represent actual purchases (and not more top of funnel events such as clicks). More on conversion definitions
  • Source Medium separates Campaign Types based on common Campaign naming conventions, which can be modified if our logic does not pick up your specific categorization


  • What are platform reported ROAS, CPC, and CPMs?
  • How is spend allocated across marketing platforms and campaigns?
  • Which marketing platforms and campaigns are attributing the most revenue and conversions relative to spend? 👇

More detailed data source and metric documentation

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