Source Medium Pre-Trial Checklist & FAQ

Follow this resource guide to learn more about your Source Medium trial.

Hey, we’re Source Medium and we’re excited to work with you. In this document, you’ll find the steps and resources to get you started on your Source Medium trial and working with the Source Medium team.

1. Introduction to Source Medium

While we get you up and running, check out the Introduction to Source Medium to get a glimpse of what Source Medium can offer

2. Integrations included in your Source Medium trial

See below for direct integrations that are available during the trial period. We’ve automated the connection process for many of these data sources, which you will be guided through as you begin to onboard, but the links below provide instructions for our manual setup process to cover connectors we have yet to automate (or if you should run into any errors in the automated flow).

3. What else is included in my Source Medium trial

  • A 1-hour deep dive review of your data within Source Medium, in which a member of the Source Medium team will walk through your data live and start to uncover some of the key questions and insights for your business
  • Access to our Customer Solutions Analysts (CSAs) who are deeply knowledgeable in our product and e-commerce metrics, answering questions related to:
    • Report functionality
    • Data accuracy
    • Customizations (after trial)
    • Analytical insights

4. What is not included in my Source Medium trial

  • Data connections from the Pro and Enterprise plans
  • Customizations to your dashboards (e.g., rearranging dashboards views, incorporating new metrics, connecting alternative data sources such as retail or fulfillment data)

5. How long is my Source Medium trial?

Your Source Medium trial will last for 14-days from the time we populate data and provide your team access to Source Medium

  • We will start populating your data within 72 hours after permissions are granted to the trial data sources provided
  • Your team will be notified by Slack or by email when your data is ready to be viewed

6. What happens after my Source Medium trial?

  • If you decide to continue using Source Medium after the 14-day trial, a member of our team will provide pricing and contract details
  • If you decide not to continue using Source Medium after the 14-day trial, Source Medium will stop ingesting your data and will delete any integrations with your eCommerce and marketing/advertising platforms

7. Communicating with the Source Medium team

  • During your trial period, your team will have access to a shared Slack group with the Source Medium team for direct communication. If you do not currently have access and would like to set up this shared group, please email help@sourcemedium.com.